Bumbag Logo Red (Two Ways : Bumbag+Crossbody)


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The Y-3 Classic Sling Bag takes a utilitarian approach in creating a versatile, multifunctional piece. It’s made from durable CORDURA® fabric with a cord system decorating the silhouette. The casual look can be worn in three different ways. A silicone Y-3 square label jumps out in contrast against the sleek build.

・ Pouch, waist bag, shoulder bag can be used in 3 ways
・ Design to cover the rubber brand logo on the front with a wire cord
・ It is possible to compactly store portable items in a minimal body.
・ CORDURA® NYLON, a highly durable material from INVISTA, is used.
・ There is also simple water repellency, and the matte look brings a sense of luxury.
・ Mesh material for inner pocket, back pocket and waist strap
・ Deploy buckle closure, lock fastener, double zip

Size & Fit

23 x 16.5 x 8 cm


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Bumbag Logo Red (Two Ways : Bumbag+Crossbody)

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