Gee Luxury’s Sell-to-Shop System

Gee Sell-to-Shop (GS2S) works through a consignment system that include designer goods, such as bags, shoes, accessories, as well as apparels. GS2S has the right to inspect item(s) that will be consigned through its platform. Due to limited consignment quota at the moment, we will, therefore, prioritize item(s) that are easily accepted by the market. To be noted: Item(s) that are not too old in design, and in good conditions.

Step to Consign



In the case whereby an item has not been able to be sold in 3 months’ term. Item(s)’ owner is suggested to reprice the item(s) and Gee Luxury will prolong the consignment on our platform for another 21 days, or the item(s) will be given back to the owner. Any delivery costs will be borne by the item(s)’ owner.

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    Our in house expert will carefully examine every product before listed, so members can shop with peace in mind. Our team will make sure all items are authentic guaranteed.


    Gee’s Sell To Shop system, focusing on good condition preloved item(s). All item’s listed would be in at least good condition, to like new, and even never used. We want to provide only the best, so even when you shop preloved, you can proudly flaunt it.


    Once you are ready to move on from your handbag and accesories, you can consign it with us. We take a low rate commision, depends on the price. All price listed would be consulted first with our revalue team. If you still confuse about listing price, you can ask questions about the items you wish to sell or consign. To help us determine its value, we ask that you include at least one picture of each item.

    Direct Buy-In

    Do not want to wait on too long? We can do a direct buy-in for your item(s). Please consult with our buying team if you wish to do this. Please keep in mind that we do strict selections on buy-in, and buy-in price would be lower than consignment price.